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Suggestions for the Suggestion Box

Courtesy of Llindsay Bremner via Flickr
Over the course of the summer, there have been changes to the GAFEs (Google Applications for Education). This is a huge benefit of GAFEs and their innovation to move forward with their applications. Many of these application features a feedback process that anyone can leave a message to improve the user experience. A direct link to the developers to have our voices heard. How nice! 
We should imagine and generate classrooms that run similarly. Could you handle reading from a "Suggestion Box" placed in your classroom? How easily would you be offended by students' comments and suggestions? Would you try to match students' responses with their handwriting (a skill all teachers inherit)? How open-minded would you be to their responses? As consumers, we want this flexibility which is why apps are constantly being upgraded despite the dismay of 'that guy' (or girl!) commenting that "it was fine the way it was before.&qu…